BAOR Troops now Deployed.
The new range of BAOR troops are now available on the website! Choose from either 20mm or 28mm. These figures will be a mix of metal and Tough 2000 resin (Similar to a hard plastic). This will allow as much detail as possible for each figure! 
New Figure Release!!
I am really excited to announce that at the Cavalier Wargames show in Tonbridge next Sunday I will be releasing my new range of Cold War Figures! I have been working with the hugely talented Steffan at Flank March Miniatures to produce a really stunning...
FV4333 Stormer
Coming very soon to the webshop is the FV4333 Stormer. This is a mobile AA vehicle which will prove useful in protecting all of your Cold War ground assets!!
I now have in the gaming accessories section some 28mm scaled blank mdf pieces. These have been designed with dovetailed joints so that when put together on the table they don't drift apart! They are made from 2mm deep MDF and come plain so that they...
ASU-85 airborne assault gun coming soon to bolster the Soviet forces.