I now have in the gaming accessories section some 28mm scaled blank mdf pieces. These have been designed with dovetailed joints so that when put together on the table they don't drift apart! They are made from 2mm deep MDF and come plain so that they...
ASU-85 airborne assault gun coming soon to bolster the Soviet forces.
Abbot SPG
The Abbot SPG is now available on the website under Cold War vehicles, BAOR. Painted version will be posted on the website within the next week!
Design is now finished on the ANZAC M113 FSV. This will be test printed asap before having the production moulds made. the vehicle will be metal and resin.
FV102 Striker
Its been a little bit quiet at FMM lately due to circumstances beyond my control. In January I will be launching the BAOR range of vehicles, here is a little sneak peak of the FV102 Striker.