FV602 Saladin
FV602 test prints now completed. Final checks before it heads off to have the moulds made!
FV433 Abbot
Work has nearly finished on the FV433 Abbot. this will give your BAOR forces some extra punch!
Broadside Wargames Show
Broadside Wargames Show
FV-622 Stalwart
Cold War Vehicles continue to be test printed. This time it is the FV-622 Stalwart. Once the print has been checked it will be sent off to have the moulds made then the finished vehicle (cast in high quality resin) will be on the website. 
Work is now nearly complete on the BTR-152 APC. This vehicle was used by the NVA during the Vietnam War as well as numerous forces in the Middle East. The vehicle when released will be 1/56th scale and cast in resin. It will also come with an armoured...