New Figure Release!!

New Figure Release!!

I am really excited to announce that at the Cavalier Wargames show in Tonbridge next Sunday I will be releasing my new range of Cold War Figures! I have been working with the hugely talented Steffan at Flank March Miniatures to produce a really stunning range of figures. First up is the BAOR. This will include an infantry section, officer and radio operator, sniper team, light mortars, heavy mortars and Milan A/T weapons team plus a SF GPMG team. Best of all though is that they come with a choice of heads! You can choose from Marines, Paras with helmets, Paras in berets and infantry in helmets. The berets also have regimental badges on them! (more regiments to follow)! I am producing the hard version of the figure in metal and resin while later this year Steffan will be releasing them as a kick-starter so that if you have a 3d printer you can print your own figures. I will be releasing the ranges in 28 and 20mm to start but they also print well in 15mm and 54mm!!

More armies' to follow including:

Soviet Motor Rifles


Soviet Paratroopers.