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NVA Recoilless Rifle Team

3 man 75mm recoilless rifle crew
The North Vietnamese Infantryman was a tough opponent. Armed with either Russian or Chinese weapons and equipment and trained by foreign "advisors" they were able to infiltrate across the DMZ and attack targets in the South of Vietnam. Most NVA troops travelled along the Ho Chi Minh trail which weaved its way through Laos and Cambodia. During the 1968 Tet Offensive large numbers of NVA troops infiltrated the ancient city of Hue resulting in one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War which lasted for nearly a month. The NVA and VC suffered high numbers of casualties as the US forces were able to bring in artillery and airsupport; both of these the NVA lacked in Hue.

This set represents three NVA manning a 75mm recoilless rifle.

All figures are supplied unpainted and some assembly is required.
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Brand FMM